What Windows 7 End of Life Means, and What You Can Do About It

What Windows 7 End of Life Means, and What You Can Do About It

Windows 7 is dying.

Next year, Windows 7 will be put into an “end of life” state by Microsoft. This means that Microsoft will no longer be working on it, causing it to become extremely unsafe and more inefficient, similar to how versions such as Windows XP and Windows Vista already are. Starting in 2020, Windows 7 will be a target for hackers like no other, putting your data and personal security at risk.

The solution? Upgrade to Windows 10! It’s faster, safer, more powerful, and overall a great decision to make for anyone using an older operating system. Windows 10 is the latest and greatest from Microsoft, receiving new features and performance improvements all the time. Windows 10 is set to reach its end of life state in 2025, so all of its users will continue to receive constant support for another six years! In contrast, Windows 7 will be discontinued in 2020, opening the floodgates for hackers and glitches alike, all without the helping hand of Microsoft to stop them.

Security: When it comes to Windows, Windows 10 is by far the most secure version ever released. This is in part due to the fact that it’s newer, smarter, and more aware of modern security threats. However, a large portion of the security of Windows 10 comes from continuous security updates from Microsoft. These updates come so frequently that your computer will just install them automatically, without you noticing any difference. Constant security updates are absolutely crucial to the safety of an operating system, as new vulnerabilities in operating systems are found all the time, opening doors for hackers and intrusive companies to harvest or hijack your data. Given the importance of these updates, it should be repeated that Windows 7 will no longer receive security patches in 2020. It’s time to upgrade.

Speed: You may think that because Windows 10 is newer and has more features than Windows 7, it may run slower. This actually isn’t true! Windows 10 not only brought tons of new and helpful features to the table, but it also drastically increased the speed of several things like startup time, time taken to wake from sleep, and general computer performance speed. It has been tested and proven that even on older machines, Windows 10 only speeds up computers simply by being a more efficient operating system than Windows 7.

Features: It goes without saying that a new version of anything comes with new features. Windows 10 is no exception, as it’s chock-full of new things relating to user assistance, visual design, ease of access, and computer maintenance. An operating system has never been so easy to navigate with the addition of Microsoft’s new AI assistant, Cortana. A Siri-like program that can answer various questions about the operating system, general knowledge, or your data that you’ve input into it such as contacts and calendar events. The new design of Windows 10 is also sleeker than ever, taking the top spot on many people’s lists of most attractive operating systems. This is all accomplished while still retaining that old and reliable Windows 7 layout of things. You won’t have to wonder where most things are in Windows 10, because Microsoft didn’t waste time by reorganizing every utility just so users would have to re-learn where to find things. The content and design of the latest Windows operating system is more solid, consistent, and robust than ever.

Worried about the transfer? If you’re concerned about having to learn to use a new operating system, don’t be. Windows 10 is largely similar to Windows 7 in its layout, and Windows 10 is equipped with a much greater range of helpful tools to assist all users in navigating their computers. Additionally, the upgrade from Windows 7 can be completely seamless, maintaining all of your programs and personal files in exactly the same place as they were. At NEPA Geeks, we guarantee that the process will be as simple and as stress-free as possible.

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