In-shop Computer Repair Services

Computer problem? Let our team of professional geeks handle it.

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Do you have a computer problem that you wish you could just take to a team of professionals to magically fix? That’s what our in-shop repair service is for, giving you access to people that will solve all your computer issues, and making sure that they won’t happen again. From viruses systems not starting at all, we have you covered.


A computer’s shop visit can be over in as little as a few minutes, allowing you to get in and out, quickly and stress free. For longer repair processes, your computer will be safe with us as we figure out exactly what needs to be done, keeping you informed via emails and text messages as things move along. We aim to be as transparent and honest as possible when it comes to your computer’s stay in the repair shop. We even offer pick-up and delivery services for your computer, so you don’t have to lift a finger for your computer to be fixed.

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  • In-shop Repair Services

    • PC and Mac Service

      • Whether your computer is running Windows or Mac, we can handle it.
    • Tune-up

      • If your computer takes forever to start, loads programs very slowly, or is just generally not working properly, this is the service you need. When you get a computer tune-up from NEPA Geeks, your computer will be working like it was when you first got it, or better!
    • Laptop Screen Repair

      • Did an unfortunate accident damage the screen of your Macbook or PC laptop, potentially to the point of it being unusable? We can fully replace the screen for you, making your laptop look brand new again.
    • Pick-up and Delivery Service

      • Don’t have time to bring your computer into the shop yourself? Let us handle the transportation process, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you.
    • Diagnostic

      • Not sure exactly what your problem is? We can perform a full hardware and software diagnostic for free, and give you an estimate of how much the necessary upgrades and servicing will cost.
    • Complete Computer Overhaul

      • This is the ultimate service if you just want your computer working again, faster than ever. This comes with a full hardware and software diagnostic, malware removal, and complete tune-up.
    • Consultation

      • Are you looking to buy a new computer, home theater, or office device, but you’re not sure how to install and configure it properly? We can help you along the way from making the smartest purchase, to installing your new equipment. We do it all here at NEPA Geeks, contact us with your situation and we can make it happen.
    • Training

      • Do you want to learn more about technology in general? Is your lack of computer literacy holding you back at home, school, or work? Contact us for more information about in-person training sessions, and even classes.
    • Email Troubleshooting

      • We can provide troubleshooting support and service over an email communication, if you’re comfortable with doing light work on your own computer.
    • Hardware Install

      • Do you need a new part, but you don’t want to open your computer by yourself and risk damage? Let us take care of it. You can provide the part, or a general description of what you need. We can order it for you and perform the install.
    • Malware Removal

      • The older your computer is, the more it’s been used, the more likely it’s loaded with malware that’s slowing your system down, and potentially stealing your information. Malware can delete your data, or even make your computer completely useless. Time can be of the essence when it comes to malware, contact us now so we can take care of your system before anything serious happens.
    • Online Data Backup

      • Nobody expects to lose data, yet it happens every day. With online data backup, you can have all of your precious data automatically saved to a secure location, where no amount of accidents or malware can harm it.
    • Printer Troubleshoot

      • Don’t let printer troubles stop your productivity. Let one of our techs assess the situation and get your office devices back in working order.
    • Software Install

      • Certain important software can be difficult to install for many users, and because of that it is often installed incorrectly. Contact us with your situation and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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