Remote Support

Some problems can be fixed over an internet connection.

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If your computer is at least working, and able to connect to the internet, there’s a good chance that we can diagnose and fix it remotely. Save money by not paying an on-site rate, but enjoy the comfort of your computer being fixed without it leaving your presence. Contact us to see if your computer problem can be fixed over the internet.

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  • Remote Services

    • PC and Mac Service

      • Whether your computer is running Windows or Mac, we can handle it.
    • Tune-up

      • If your computer takes forever to start, loads programs very slowly, or is just generally not working properly, this is the service you need. When you get a computer tune-up from NEPA Geeks, your computer will be working like it was when you first got it, or better!
    • Diagnostic

      • Not sure exactly what your problem is? We can remotely perform a full software diagnostic and determine exactly what your problem is.
    • Malware Removal

      • The older your computer is, the more it’s been used, the more likely it’s loaded with malware that’s slowing your system down, and potentially stealing your information. Malware can delete your data, or even make your computer completely useless. Time can be of the essence when it comes to malware, contact us now so we can take care of your system before anything serious happens.
    • Online Data Backup

      • Nobody expects to lose data, yet it happens every day. With online data backup, you can have all of your precious data automatically saved to a secure location, where no amount of accidents or malware can harm it.
    • Software Install

      • Certain important software can be difficult to install for many users, and because of that it is often installed incorrectly. Contact us with your situation and we can remotely install whatever you need.

Interested? Got a question? Contact us!