Residential Service

Residential computer repair services

Call (570) 235-1946 if you have any questions, or to schedule a free in-shop diagnosis.

Geek Care – Regular computer services made easy

The perfect solution to computer repair. An affordable, monthly computer maintenance and repair plan. All services that a computer regularly needs, included in a flat-rate subscription. This is our recommended program here at NEPA Geeks, as it takes the costly and unpredictable factors out of computer servicing.

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Additionally, the same services are also offered as slightly more expensive one-time appointments.

In-shop Repair

Does your computer need that personal geeky touch? Schedule an appointment with us to bring it in, or have us get it for you.



In-shop repair

On-site Repair

Do you need the convenience of a geek personally coming to you and fixing your computer, right in your home? We can make that happen.



On-site repair

Remote Support

If your problem can be fixed over an internet connection, we offer that as a convenience to you.




Remote support

Data Recovery

Have you lost data, or do you want to prevent data loss in the future? We can help you keep your valuable files safe.



Data recovery

Custom-built PCs

Are you looking for the perfect computer for what you’re doing, for the perfect price? Look no further, with a NEPA Geeks custom build, you’re guaranteed both quality and affordability.

Custom PCs