Custom PCs

Computers to suit your every need.

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Do you need a computer for a specific purpose, but you don’t know just what you need? Do you want to take out the risk of overspending on a computer that may not even serve you properly? Here at NEPA Geeks, we can assess your situation, and give you a quote for a custom-built computer that’s built to last, and built for you.


There are many downsides to ordering pre-built computers. Mass produced computer builds very often are made of cheap parts, and marked up considerably. Bad parts, especially hard drives, can lead to system failure and data loss. Custom-built computers are also much easier to upgrade, repair, and service, costing you less money in the future when your needs for the computer may change. Why buy a completely new computer when you can just upgrade?

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    • Customized for business

      • We specialize in enterprise edition PCs, perfect for business use. Do you need to get your employees on better hardware, or a newer version of Windows? Contact NEPA Geeks, and we’ll make sure that every computer at your business is built exactly for the task at hand. Get the optimal performance on all of your business computer systems, for the perfect price.
    • Customized for power

      • For gamers, a pre-built computer usually means a compromise on graphics power. For the latest games, this simply won’t do. Gamers need a power-house computer with a state-of-the-art graphics card that can really push those frame rates for smooth, high definition visuals. Why compromise on a pre-built machine with a cheap video card that does the bare minimum when you can have a custom PC that puts you on the cutting edge? That’s where the winning advantage is!
    • Customized for you

      • No matter how specific your needs are, there’s a perfect custom build out there for you. Whether it’s video editing, computer aided drafting, music making, or 3d modeling, we’ll get you just what you need.