Looking for a built-to-order, custom PC? Check us out!

NEPA Geeks offers quality, built-to-order custom PCs

Looking for a built-to-order, custom PC? NEPA Geeks have you covered!

Why buy custom?

we build custom pcs

For one good reason: you know what’s going into it. Computers from “big box” stores tend to use cheap components that are assembled with little to no care about quality and performance. At NEPA Geeks, you get a quality computer that is going to perform to your exacting standards. Pre-built computers might look like a great deal, but the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” definitely applies.

Pre-built computers tend to use cheaper memory that runs slower, and there’s too little of it to make the computer really¬†useful.¬†On top of that, you tend to get “no name” hard drives that are susceptible to crashes and failures — that means data loss, down the road. With a custom PC, you can easily avoid these headaches!

Customized for Business

We specialize in enterprise edition PCs, perfect for business use. Need to get your employees running on current hardware with the latest version of Windows? We’ve done it before, and we can do it for you! NEPA Geeks are no strangers to installing large orders in a professional environment. We’ll make sure you’re getting an economical computer that has the power, storage and durability to get the job done. Get off the “upgrade treadmill,” where you’re buying new PCs every year. Get a custom PC from us, instead. We personally test them to make sure they’re built to last.

Customized for Pleasure

For gamers, a pre-built computer usually means a compromise on graphics power. For the latest games, this simply won’t do. Gamers need a power-house computer with a state-of-the-art graphics card that can really push those frame rates for smooth, high definition visuals. Why compromise on a pre-built machine with a cheap video card that does the bare minimum when you can have a custom PC that puts you on the cutting edge? That’s where the winning advantage is!

Customized for You

Whatever you’re into — whether it’s editing videos, taking family photos, composing music or writing a blog — we can build a system that’s just right for you. We can cut back on the fancy bells and whistles to give you exactly what you need without the extra cost. Give us a call and see what we can build for you!