It’s Spring Cleaning Time for Your PC!

It’s Spring Cleaning Time for Your PC!

It’s Spring Cleaning Time for Your PC!

Do you have a “dirty” computer? Chances are, you do. Dust, dirt, hair and other things can get inside your computer, causing anything from minor nuisances to reducing the lifespan of the components inside. But how do you know your computer is dirty if you’ve never looked inside? Here are some symptoms to look out for:

Computer Slow Downs

Slow downs are usually a dead giveaway that not everything is running smoothly on your hard drive. Over time, the constant adding and removal of files leaves gaps on the disc, where data is overwritten to make room for new applications and files. This is called fragmentation. As part of a tune-up, NEPA Geeks will make sure the hard drive is “de-fragged,” allowing it to work quicker without putting more wear and tear on its sensitive components.

Excessive Heat

Heat is extremely bad for your computer, and the inside of your computer can be like an oven if vents are blocked and fans aren’t working properly. Irreparable damage to the video card, CPU and memory chips can occur within minutes, leading to costly service and repairs. If your computer gives you odd errors, doesn’t boot properly, or sounds like a jet engine taking off, there might too much heat inside. At NEPA Geeks, we will clean out the dust, hair and whatever else might have managed its way into your computer before it’s too late. We’ll make sure the heatsinks are free of dust and that vents are wide open for good airflow.

Weird Noises

You might not realize it, but there are a lot of moving parts inside your computer. Spinning fans can buzz if dust and other debris touch the fins. Additionally, they buzz when the ball-bearings begin to wear down. NEPA Geeks can replace fans before they fail altogether, allowing your computer to overheat. Hard drives might not look like it, but they have moving parts, as well. Inside is a spinning disc and a “read/write” head that scans the disc and writes or reads data. It looks like a needle on a record! Over time, these parts wear out, leading to buzzing and other noises. Other sounds, such as beeps and clicks, might indicate problems that aren’t immediately obvious or noticeable, but can lead to data loss or permanent damage to the computer’s components.

Give NEPA Geeks a Call

And there you have it! If your computer is running slower, hotter and making weird noises, it’s definitely time for a spring cleaning!

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