On-Site Computer Repair Appointments Available Now. Book online!

On-Site Computer Repair Appointments Available Now. Book online!

Schedule Your On-Site Computer Repair Appointments Today!

Remember the days when doctors made house calls and milk was delivered to your doorstep? (Actually, I don’t… that was way before my time… but…) When it comes to computer repair, NEPA Geeks is bringing those days back with on-site computer repair appointments — and you can book them online!

We all know that businesses change and evolve over time. As a client base grows, being in more than one place at a time becomes more difficult — but not impossible! NEPA Geeks is finding new ways to be in more places, helping more people. By using remote services, scheduled drop-offs and on-site computer repair appointments, NEPA Geeks can be wherever and whenever you need them!

On-site computer repair appointments let us be right where you need us, right when you need us.

Right now, you can schedule an on-site appointment to have a tech make a housecall for whatever computer issue you might be having. Scheduling is easy to do online, and you can even chat with a tech online in real time! This will allow us to focus on quality, giving you — our clients — the best, personalized, one-on-one service you can get. Book an appointment right now.

Who should schedule an on-site computer repair appointment?

Here at NEPA Geeks, we recognize that we have certain clientele who have mobility issues. For some folks, picking up a heavy desktop might be extremely difficult. For others, they worry that, once they take everything apart, they won’t be able to put it back together again. For these, and a variety of other reasons, it’s best to schedule a house call for your computer repair and have our tech come in for an on-site appointment.

We also understand that there are certain conditions which can cause a computer to fail. For example, you might have a problem that can only be replicated at your home or office. By going to the environment where the computer is, we can get a better picture of what’s happening, and how to fix it. Printers, for example, can be very finicky. You shouldn’t have to take your entire system apart just to have new drivers installed — let us come out and do that, for you.

Remote Services, and More!

For some computer repairs, a remote service might be more practical. Why have someone come into your home when they can fix the problem over the internet? No need for the inconvenience of tearing down and setting up a system or waiting for the tech to arrive — we’ll just fix it for you, online. And best of all, if you need a remote service call, you can schedule that online, as well.

However, for those times when a single house call won’t be enough, use the online form to schedule a drop-off. For repairs that can only be done in-shop, we recommend dropping the computer off, as well. Simply set up a time and a technician will be available to secure the equipment from you.

So, why wait? Schedule an on-site computer repair appointment, right now. The good ol’ days are back. It’s that easy!