Cracked Laptop Screen Repair

Cracked Laptop Screen Repair

Cracked laptop screen? We can fix that.

Earlier this week, we finished replacing the broken screen on a laptop that had been dropped. As you can see from the picture below, it was in pretty sorry shape.

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Before and after shot of a cracked laptop screen.

Although it might seem like a catastrophe, this sort of damage doesn’t mean the laptop has been totaled. As we often do with a job like this, we ask clients deposit the amount necessary to cover the price of a new part before we do any work. From there, we simply wait for the part to arrive (which, unfortunately, can sometimes take as long as a week) and then get the laptop back up and running in a matter of hours. And all this for much less than it would cost to buy a new laptop!

Most of the time, replacing a cracked laptop screen or defective part costs so little compared to the price of a new laptop that getting the old one repaired is very cost effective. Sometimes, however, it isn’t. In those cases, either when a part is soldered directly to the board, or when the laptop is so old that parts for it are no longer available, you don’t get much of a choice. We’ll make sure you understand your options and tell you when buying a new laptop is the way to go.

If you’re ever unsure whether a laptop can be fixed or not, it’s always best to give us a call and let us take a look at it. You might even be surprised to learn that the laptop wasn’t broken at all, it just needed some TLC to get up and running again.

Another thing to consider when thinking about buying a new laptop is that, while it might be cheaper, it’s not always more convenient. Your laptop is probably stuffed with old memories, projects and other things you don’t want to lose. You probably have photos from vacations on there, movies and music, homework and gigabytes worth of other important data you can’t replace. If the laptop is so broken that it can’t even turn on — assuming the hard drive isn’t dead — how will you get that data off? Fortunately, we have tools that can help. Whether you want the data backed-up to an external drive or transferred to the new computer, we’re more than happy to assist you.

sony vaio laptop cleaning repairing Dell computer laptop bad dc board asus laptop computer no power dc boardEach of these laptops were repaired, cleaned and returned to their owners in perfect working order. Dell, Asus, Sony, HP… we can fix any brand. We’re you’re local solution for computer repair, servicing all of North-East PA and conveniently located in Mountain Top. Just give us a call at 570.474.5100.