New Java exploit infects computers with FBI Virus

New Java exploit infects computers with FBI Virus

Java Exploit Infects Computers with FBI Virus

According to a blog post on Malware Bytes’ website, there’s a new Java exploit that is being used to infect computers with the infamous FBI virus. The suggested solution is to disable Java. We have links to instructions on how to disable Java listed below.

[UPDATE – 1/13/2013 – The latest version of Java eliminates the exploit being used to infect computers. We still recommend disabling Java, however, be sure to install the latest version of Java — Version 7, update 11 just in case you absolutely need Java on your computer. And if you have been infected, give us a call at 570.474.5100 to set up an appointment or bring your computer to us to have the virus removed. Click here for directions to our office in Mountain Top, PA.]

What is the FBI Virus?

FBI virus reveton ransomware malware locks your computer pay fbi fine unlock computer

FBI malware locks your computer, demands ransom to unlock it.

The Reveton Ransonmware, or The FBI Virus as it is more well-known, locks your computer and displays a message that says the FBI is aware that your computer has been used for some “illegal activities.” The virus then demands that you pay an outrageous fine or risk further prosecution. In truth, the message isn’t from the FBI; it’s a scam by computer criminals looking to extort money from any user who falls for the scheme and pays up to have their computer restored.

The FBI Virus has been spreading for quite a while, popping up on various tech news sites and security blogs. We first alerted users about the FBI Virus on this blog back in November, warning victims to NOT pay the fine and, instead, bring their computer in to be professionally cleaned. If you have been infected, we still stand by that original recommendation. However, if you haven’t yet been infected, we’re now suggesting that you disable Java to prevent the virus from infecting your computers.

How to disable Java

Java is a computer language used to make applications that run in your web browser. It requires a plug-in be installed in your web browser to run these applications. Naked Security, a computer security blog maintained by, lists several ways on how to disable the Java plug-in, depending on your preferred web browser.

Listed below are direct links to the instructions for each browser:

Pay the bad guys, or pay us to clean your computer?

Choosing to simply pay the ransom to unlock your computer might seem like a cheaper, more convenient way to get rid of the problem. However, you have no guarantee that the computer will be unlocked. Furthermore, your computer will still be infected. That’s why we suggest you bring it in to us at NEPA Geeks. We’ll make sure the virus is gone and that your data is intact. We charge much less than the amount being demanded and have tools that can help prevent future infections. You get your computer restored to fully-functioning condition AND the bad guys don’t get any of your hard-earned money. Doesn’t that sound like the smarter alternative? It is.

Remember: if you’ve been infected, DO NOT pay the fine being demanded by the virus. It is definitely NOT from the FBI. Further, if you haven’t been infected, we suggest that you disable Java using one of the techniques listed above. Let’s stay safe!