Top 5 Reasons You Need A Blog! – A guest post by Darling Stewie

Top 5 Reasons You Need A Blog! – A guest post by Darling Stewie

Our good friend and fellow blogger, Darling Stewie, wrote up a terrific guest blog post to give everyone her top 5 reasons you need a blog. If this post doesn’t convince you to purchase a hosting account and set up your blog, right away, nothing will! Get ready to have your ironic, artisanal, hand-knitted socks knocked off.

 Top 5 Reasons You Need a Blog!

Hey NEPA Geeks blog readers! This is Darling Stewie of stepping in for a fun guest post to bring you some deets on why you should really consider having a blog. I’ve had for 2 years, and helped run several other area blogs including and – and I love it! But… why do I love it you ask? Is it because Barney Stinson has a blog? Is it because I’m a pasty white computer geek? Is it because I drank the kool-aid and wore the nikes? Well, yes, yes, and…. yes. But there’s more, so much more!

Barney Stinson has a blog. Just one of the Top 5 Reasons You Need A Blog

1. Blogging is like totally cool.

Remember the days of getting your school lunch poured down your pants? …Yeah, me neither. But
seriously, if you have a blog, you become like this super cool space warrior whom everyone is all
like “WHO IS THAT” and you can be like “Oh it’s just me, I have a blog.” People respect you. They see a
force to be reckoned with – someone who can articulate their brainwaves in a sort of productive way.
Because, let’s face it, it takes guts, creativity, direction, and some sort of digital prowess to make a blog.
Srsly. It makes you a cool dude. Or chick.

Blogging is like a cult. Just one of the Top 5 Reasons You Need A Blog

2. Blogging is like a cult… once you join – you never go back.

My blog friends and my real world friends are like 2 different animals. The blog community is tight and full of fun loving internet people. They all know each other and they all get each other. If you’re obsessed with Interwebs things, then a blog is a perfect way to join this strange little community of fun people. I’ve met some of the most kickass people I know because of blogging. And let me tell you… the cult is fun. Free kittens! No just kidding. But I’m not.

3. Blogging gives you the chance to be seen and heard like… all the time.

Um – hello – the Internet has this big neon green blinking “Open” sign on the door, and it’s on 24/7. That means all the time, for you peeps who don’t know why 24/7 means. So anyone can access your blog anytime, anywhere, and pretty much from any device, except a remote control covered in tinfoil. (Tried it.) It’s an auto-updating newspaper in full color without the annoying black ink on the fingers… it’s a TV where you don’t have to Tivo the show you want because you’ll be at your Yodeling Yoga classes during its airing. Forget about telling your friends “Hey watch me on TV Friday between 3:15 and 7:25 on this channel you probably never heard of.” No thank you. Just give them your cute little URL and they can check that out whenever they want!! And keep coming back for more… because… it’s always there!

4. Blogging covers all the creative canvases you want it to.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to drivel on about their dreams… in particular a great dream they had last night where they turned into a rainbow trout and ate San Diego, California. Hey man, it’s cool! But if you like to write stories, are a super nerdy wordy wordsmith, or just love grammar, blogging is for you. Let’s say you’re a really awesome photographer who takes stellar artsy black and white pictures of lawn furniture. I’ve been there! Blogging is for you too, Mr. or Mrs. Shutterbug. Let’s say you take it one step further and like to take videos of yourself doing jazzercise with your bulldog to Paula Abdul music videos. I mean, sure, we’ve all been there. Upload those videos to your blog! It’s pretty much any way you want to communicate digitally, you can do it, with blogging. Text, photo video, and much more. How cool is that?

Are you right-brained? That's just another of the Top 5 Reasons You Need A Blog

5. Blogging is a stress reliever of epic proportions.

Some of us are right brained, and some of us are left brained. Right brained people are creative and left brained people are analytical. And for us right brainers, not having a creative outlet can be stressful! But for me, I cope with anxiety and its source is: not creating! It sounds weird, but I’m serious… if I am not drawing weird comics or creating some new meme or blogging or writing silly tweets, I go stir crazy! Some people need creativity to release stress. Blogging is a refreshing creative outlet. Sure, it takes some practice. It combines a lot of different kinds of art, like writing for the web, a little bit of artistic talent, some graphic design, some social media prowess, and a general flair for digital fun. But if you have trouble once you dive in, you can be assured the blogtastic cult of the Interwebs community will be there for you. Blogging is a total creative release, so get in touch with your inner e-muse and get blogging!