Staff at NEPA Geeks

Meet the geeks! — Just who are the staff at NEPA Geeks?

When it comes to keeping technology running smoothly — from managing networks to zapping malware — we’re the ones to call when things go wrong. Of course, it’s also a good idea to give us a callĀ before things go awry, as we can often diagnose and prevent small problems from becoming big ones with regular tune-ups and maintenance.

So, just who are these NEPA Geeks?


Jason spent many years doing technology support for friends and family before working full time at the nation’s largest computer support company for 5 years. When he started NEPA Geeks, it began as a small home business in the early days of 2007 and soon grew to encompass the multitude of services that it offers today.


Sam had worked for a big box retailer for 3 years prior to joining NEPA Geeks in 2018. Computer repair and troubleshooting have always been an important skill and hobby.


Mike started off as a computer technician working for a large pharmaceutical support company in NEPA. When he joined NEPA Geeks in 2017, he began integrating network operations and design for our clients.

ian eviston

Ian is a computer technician and web developer, primarily creating and formatting web content for this website and others.