How Refurbished Computers Save You a Bunch (and Get You a Better System)

How Refurbished Computers Save You a Bunch (and Get You a Better System)

How Refurbished Computers Save You a Bunch (and Get You a Better System)

Refurbished computers are almost like an insider secret – you can get great system specs for a fraction of the price. It’s how many families are meeting their back to school needs and upgrading their old systems, complete with warranty.

There’s one hot tip these people know: a refurb is NOT the same as used. You’re right to avoid those 2nd hand computers you see on Craigslist or Gumtree because there’s a reason that person is selling it!

Quite often, refurbished computers start their life as business machines, built to the latest specs with business-grade components. When the budget or lease says ‘replace the computers’, that’s what the business does, whether the computers need it or not. There’s nothing wrong with them. These are great machines that are fast for home use, both desktops and laptops. Rather than send these impressive machines to landfill, we check and replace necessary components and re-install a clean operating system.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished

  • Saving Money: Get a computer that’s set up and checked over by an expert technician for less than the cost of buying new. When you score a refurbished business computer, you’re also getting more durable, higher-quality components that will last you for years.
  • Warranty: Warranty included with our refurbished computers. If anything pops up that’s giving you trouble, we’ll fix it fast.
  • Environmental: Fewer machines end up in landfills, and fewer resources are used for manufacturing. Considering each computer requires a certain amount of precious metals to be mined and plastics to be created, refurbished is the right choice for a greener future.

Refurbished Reliability

Some people think refurbished computers are more likely to break, when in truth, they’re actually more reliable than brand new. Manufacturers have an expected failure rate, a percentage of computers that go straight from the factory to buyers who discover their expensive new system is dead-on-arrival or breaks within weeks. A refurbished computer has already stood the test of time and it performed without missing a beat. Check out your favorite computer brand’s website, as they may have a refurbished section on their site. Checkout PCLiquidations for great deals on refurbished computers!

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