NEPA Geeks now accepts payment via Square Wallet. What is Square Wallet?

NEPA Geeks now accepts payment via Square Wallet. What is Square Wallet?

Paying invoices just got easier with Square Wallet

NEPA Geeks is proud to announce that we are now capable of accepting payments with Square Wallet.

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Square Wallet payments now accepted at NEPA Geeks

What is Square Wallet?

Square Wallet is an application that runs on your smartphone. It stores all of your credit card information and allows you to make transactions right from your phone whenever you’re at a store that accepts Square Wallet payments. It works on iPhone and Android smartphones. (Check here for Android availability.)

How to use Square Wallet

Using Square Wallet is simple and quick. It’s just like using a credit card, but there’s no need to remove your wallet or swipe the card through a reader. In fact, with “hands-free” payments activated, you don’t even have to remove your phone! Just say your name at the Square Wallet-enabled register and the clerk will know it’s you when your picture pops up on the screen. You get all of these benefits, and it’s still just as safe as paying by card!

More Options, More Benefits

When you use Square Wallet, you’ll be able to see all of the other businesses in the area that also use Square Wallet. Many will even be offering deals, rewards and discounts just for using it. For example, we offer 10% off your first purchase when using Square Wallet at NEPA Geeks.

You can use Square Wallet to send and receive gift cards, unlock special rewards and much more. It works on both iPhone and Android, so if you haven’t already done so, sign up today! And be sure to use it when you stop in to get 10% off your first purchase at NEPA Geeks.