NEPA Geeks – Reliable Web Hosting For Your Site or Blog

NEPA Geeks – Reliable Web Hosting For Your Site or Blog

Picture rack mount servers, data centerDid you know that NEPA Geeks offers reliable web hosting for your site or blog? It’s true! We’re not just your local computer repair shop, we’re also your local hosting solution!

What is web hosting?

A web host is a high-speed Internet-connected computer with a vast amount of storage space. It can either hold personal files that you wish to back up or it can hold your website or blog and display it to visitors who come to your website.

Whether you’re running a home business, a corporate site or just want to set up a personal WordPress blog, NEPA Geeks offers a variety of hosting packages that are suited to fill your needs.

We offer one-click setup for dozens of platforms, allowing anyone to easily and quickly build a website. All of our packages run on Linux-based servers, so you can count on them for rock-solid performance and dependability.

For customers with more advanced needs, we also offer Virtual Private Servers, giving you the benefit of having full access to the configuration and management of your server. These packages are recommended for customers who have outgrown shared hosting plans and need a much more robust hosting solution.

Many of our customers who are interested in selling products through their website may be happy to know that we also offer SSL certificates. A Secure Socket Layer connection ensures that information between your website and your customer is secured from hackers who would tap in to record the information being passed along. SSLs can also be useful for securing logins to your website, ensuring that users’ data is secure during the login process.

NEPA Geeks offers static IP address allocation, which you will need for an SSL certificate. Certain other web apps and software platforms will also require a static IP address allocation.

Along with our hosting packages, we also have server data backup services offering from 10GBs of storage up to 1TB of RAID5 storage, with unmetered inbound bandwidth. (Outbound bandwidth is limited to 500GB/month.)

As you can see, when it comes to hosting services, NEPA Geeks has you covered. Give us a call at 570.474.5100 or email us at and we’ll be happy to discuss hosting solutions for you!