How to get started blogging with NEPA Geeks – Part 2 – Purchasing Hosting

How to get started blogging with NEPA Geeks – Part 2 – Purchasing Hosting

How to get started blogging – Part 2 – Purchasing a hosting package

If you’ve read Part 1 of our series on how to get started blogging and are ready to take the next step, read on.

By now, you are eager to get started setting up your own very own blog. One of the great benefits about having a hosting account with NEPA Geeks is that you get full control over your blog. When it comes to the design and look of your blog, you aren’t limited to a handful of templates that can’t be changed. You can add plug-ins that increase your blog’s reach and functionality, and it’s a lot less expensive to have your own domain name with us.

If you haven’t chosen a hosting service, NEPA Geeks offers several options designed to suit the needs of a variety of customers. To get started with us as your host, the first thing you’ll want to do is follow this link to purchase a hosting package.

Feel free to explore each of the available options, but more than likely, entry-level bloggers who are just getting started will probably prefer NEPA Geeks Micro hosting package, with just enough features for you to post plenty of text, pictures and more.

Once you’ve chosen a hosting package you have a few options to consider when it comes to your domain name. If you have a name you want, our form will allow you to see if it’s available for purchase. However, if you have a domain name with another registrar and wish to transfer it to us, or if you just want purchase a hosting package and keep your existing domain where it is, you can do that, too. For now, we’re going to assume that you want to purchase a new domain name.

After choosing an available domain name, you’ll have several options on how long you’d like to register it for. Note that if you register your domain with us and purchase an annual, biennial (2 years) or triennial (3 years) hosting package, your domain registration will be free. From there, simply proceed to the checkout and finish the purchasing process.

Soon, you’ll receive an email with your login information to get into your hosting account. Once you’re able to log in, you’ll be ready for Part 3 of our thrilling guide to setting up a WordPress blog with NEPA Geeks!